Medical units

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Hip Unit

Its primary objective is to treat the hip before it starts to wear out, to delay as far as scientifically possible.

Bone Reconstruction and Lengthening Unit

This unit specialises in bone dysplasia and other growth disorders, pioneering the use of the endomedullary nail technique.

Shoulder Unit

This unit is responsible for the comprehensive treatment of all pathologies related to the shoulder, clavicle and acromioclavicular joint.

Sports Medicine Unit

In this unit, both top-level competition teams and amateurs are attended to at different levels of dedication.

Foot & Ankle Unit

Our unit is a point of reference in the study, diagnosis and application of new foot surgery techniques.

Knee Unit

Unit formed by a team of experts dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of traumatic pathologies of the knee.

Column Unit

Spinal surgery is one of the most complex specialities. That is why we have the best team for it.

Hand and Elbow Unit

Our unit has evolved in recent years with the introduction of new technologies with minimally invasive surgery.

Children's Orthopaedic Unit

We care about your child’s gait, their growth, the deviation of their back, the shape of their legs…