30 years of excellence and innovation at the service of our patients’ health.

More than a medical centre

Our vision

ICATME wants to improve the quality of life of our patients, through the application and development of new surgical techniques, the promotion of research and teaching that strengthens our excellence to be a national and international reference.

Our mision

We are a leading medical centre in traumatology, orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine, with a professional trajectory since 1992, working to improve the health and well-being of our patients through a highly specialised team committed to continuous improvement and permanent innovation.

ICATME's values

Total commitment and dedication to the patient

Professional quality through teamwork

Agility in the care process

Cutting-edge medicine and the latest technologies


30 years of experience

An average of 300 outpatient consultations per day are performed every year, i.e. around 50,200 outpatient consultations per year, in addition to 2,410 surgeries per year and 320 arthroscopic surgeries per year.

We perform more than 300 primary prosthetic implants per year (hip, knee, shoulder, etc.), more than 200 prosthetic replacements per year, more than 2,000 osteotendinous transplants, etc. In 2017 we received the award for the best trauma service in 2015-2016 according to the Hospital Excellence Index.

It is important to point out that the influx of patients who come to ICATME come from all over Spain and a high percentage from foreign countries: Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, England, Switzerland, Arab countries, Latin America and the United States, especially to undergo limb lengthening surgery.

Within the same area of assistance we have carried out different activities such as:

  • Responsible in the 90s for all the Spanish motorcycling world championship riders, with direct assistance at all the circuits.
  • Responsible in our area for the Barcelona’92 Olympic Games.
  • Responsible for the organisation of the Special Olympics for disabled sportsmen and women.
  • Responsible for 15 years for the Mutualidad General Deportiva, which brings together all federated sportsmen and sportswomen in all sports throughout Catalonia.
  • Responsible for the medical care of countless sports competitions.
    Assistance to hospitals in the so-called Third World in missions such as Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, different African countries, as well as free surgical treatments for people lacking economic resources.

It is important to highlight the large number of patients who come to us for hip, knee and other prosthesis replacements, as our Bone Transplant Bank facilitates this sometimes complicated surgery.

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